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Alpha Ouryuken Joggress

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Alpha Ouryuken Joggress

Post by Susanoo on Mon May 18, 2015 6:35 am


Lv 55+ Tamer in the GDMO and level 70 in the KDMO.

Lv 41+ Dorumon (ReptileDramon) Alphamon unlocked. 

Lv 41+ Ryuudamon with OuRyuumon unlocked. 

Raptor Dorugumon Line (Alphamon) Quest

1. Go to Gallantmon <Royal Knights> at Infinite Ice Wall.(Right side of map, near gizu.) Turn in quest. 

2. Kill SkullGreymon for Gallantmon's Records.

3. Gallantmon tells you to find Leomon <X-Antibodies Predator>. (Left side of map.) 

4. Leomon tells you to Kill 10 Anubismons. Turn into Calumon at Dats. 

5. Calumon tells you to pick up Transmission Terminal Gate A from him. 

6. Collect Death X Antibodies A,B,C,D.

7. Speak with Omnimon to get Jogress chips and unlock the Jogress slot. 

Ryuudamon Quest

1. Pick up quest from Calumon in Dats. 

2. Go to Calumon at Snowman Village. (He gives next few quests.) 

3. Calumon wants you to kill Seadramon for Records on the Legend of the Dragon King 0/1. 

4. Calumon wants you to find place where the Aqua Orb is at rest and use the quest item he gave you.

Near the penguins and use the detection stone.

5. Turn in quest to Calumon. Follow the prompts. This should lead you back to Calumon at Dats. 

6. Collect Spoiled X Antibodies off DexDoruGreymons in Oil Refinery-3 . 0/200. 

7. Hand in quest, get quest to talk to Omnimon. Talk to Omnimon to get Jogress chips and unlock slot. 

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